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commercial rice cooker

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REF. QUOTE: Zhu190625-1
Last Updated: 11.04.09
Zhuoma Electric Appliance Co.,Ltd.

• 3650W / 3000W / 2650W / 1950W / 1550W , 12L / 10L / 8.5L / 5.6L / 4.5L
• Prepares up to 160 cups of cooked rice (80 uncooked)
• Heavy duty stainless steel lid and durable body
• Designed for continuous commercial use
• Switches automatically to warm mode when rice is cooked
• Electronic control panel is simple to operate
• Nonstick cooking pot
• Great for restaurants and large gatherings
• Fast and Reliable, Energy Saving. Cook cycle about 30 min.
• For commercial use, Cooked perfect rice for every occasion: Church Dinner, Family Reunion, restauraurant, restaurant, Youth team outings.