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Negative Ion Steam Sauna

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REF. QUOTE: Xia190521-1
Last Updated: 09.23.09
Xiamen YOUo Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd.

Details: 1. Adjustment temperature and steam volume (negative ion steam) (40 degress -60 degress), With the vibrative massage head.

2. Balancing the ionization in your body help to combat the ill feelings associated with our stressful lifestyles.

3. Accelerating your blood circulation, eliminating face dark mark, evacuating toxin, sterilization and diminish inflammation.

4. Using ion warm steam can open up the pores, and entrance into skin, soften accumulated oil, deepen into skin can clean the black head, debris of cosmetics. Increasing the transparency of the skin, blood circulation, improve dmetabolism helps extracting poison particles. Tenderly massage the nerve endings, helps calming and relaxing.

5. Cold ion steam has good effect in controlling black cell, lighten the black spot, decrease skin surface temperature, contracting pore, reducing inflammatory effect. Combining the mini massage function, increase the skin's absorbance of skin care products, increase the tightness of skin, give skin a good tender and smooth effect, lastly can reduce wrinkle.

6. Warm ion steam can help you clean the pores, increase the blood circulation, improve metabolism, help extracting unclean substances from pore, increase skin tension, preventing enlargement of pore because of aging or teenager's maturity period, giving your skin a healthier, more smooth, more glowing, more vibrant effect.