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Motor Steam Iron

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REF. QUOTE: Xia190625-1
Last Updated: 09.23.09
Xiamen YOUo Electric Appliances Co.,Ltd.

Product Size: 281×120×145mm
Accessories: water filling beaker
Water tank: 300ml Qty per 20 ft:
Hot ,pressure and continuous steam controled by motor
Vertical continuous steam by motor
Automatic & continuous powerful steam, replace traditional burst steam by hand
Spire soleplate never result in white powder , ANTI-CAL
Special control never result in water dripping.
Save energy up to over 20%
steam can come out when temperature of soleplate is low for silk material
Easy use, high efficiency, comfortable ironing
Steam volume 25g/min
Power supply: 120V/1100W,230V/1600W/2000W/2200W/2400W