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Dynamo Emergency Wind Up LED T...

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REF. QUOTE: Dyn190521-1
Last Updated: 08.15.09
Dynamax Industry Co.Ltd
1. Power comes from your winding, the harder you wind, the more energy you create. 2. 3 Ways to power up. Heavy duty dynamo windup generator Rechargeable with 12V DC input(Vehicle's cigarette lighter socket) Rechargeable with 12V AC/DC adapter. 3. Never needs changing battery. 4. Environmentally Friendly 5. Built-in rechargeable Li-on Battery 6. Equipped with Standard USB plug in facility that you can connect to input or output sources freely. 7. Mini lantern for any emergency. 8. Charge most mobile phones. 9. Quiet, stylish, safe, free-standing, easy operation. 10. Ideal for a hot summer day/during the nigth at office, home or a club, and for any emergency using.