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8-Selection Instant Coffee Ven...

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REF. QUOTE: Cha190521-1
Last Updated: 07.22.09
Changzhou Pilot Electronic Co., Ltd.
8-Selection Instant Coffee Vending Machine - Sprint 5S for Ho.Re.Ca. It is absolutely also the best of OCS at your service with high performance and simplicity of use! Features: 1. Dimension: Height 550mm / width 390mm / depth 470mm 2. Net Weight: 27kg 3. Electrical Supply: 220V-240V / 110V-120V 50Hz / 60Hz 4. Power: 1850W 5. Water Supply: Compatible for both main water supply and purified water barrel 6. User Interface: 8 selection push buttons for hot drinks and 32 digit alphanumeric displays 7. Canisters: 4S version: 4 instant canisters of which 2 double and 2 single 5S version: 5 instant canisters of which 1 double and 4 single 6S version: 6 single canisters 8. The model which is ?7 options for drinks + 1 option for hot water? is available. Optional Accessories: 1. Base cabinet (height: 920mm) as table for purified water barrel and disposable paper cups. 2. Coin acceptor with high distinguishing modulus can identify coins from all countries. 3. Water pump is available for purified water barrel. 4. Branding option is acceptable.