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Solar inverter wellsee WS-P1000

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Last Updated: 03.03.12
Shenzhen WELLSEE solar energy

Solar inverter wellsee WS-P1000 (also known as WELLSEE pure sine wave inverter) is of high performance representing the highest level in the field of inverter manufacture. It adopts micro-computer to fulfill auto-control. It outputs high quality sine wave AC with high conversion efficiency to provide power supply for electric appliance such as electric fans, refriger ators, air conditioners, computers and so on.

WS-P1000 1000W has a diversity of input and output ways: 12V input, 24V input, 36V input ,48V input; 220VAC output etc., which can meet the demand of both domestic and international users for mobile alternating current.

1.Sine wave output: Can offer sensibility load and other kind of loads, such as electric fan, refrigerator,air-condition, electromotor and computer and so on.
2.Mono-microcomputer controlls the solar inverters: It produces the wave shape and makes the frequency of the inverter stable including auto-controll voltage.
3.Low down the speed of open: When we used high power loads, the inverter can low down the speed of open in order to protect the electrical products on load and itself.
4.Overloading protection: When inverter is connected the excessive loads and the total power of loads exceeds its tolerance, the inverter will be sound and the red LED will get light .Then the inverter will stop working and turn into the self-protection state.
5.Short circuit protection: When the interior of the appliance starts short circuit, the inverter will stop output and lock up. Then the red LED will get light and the inverter will turn into the self-protection state.
6.Discharge protection: When the voltage of the battery is lower than21.5V, the inverter will be sound and the LED will get light. Then the inverter will be stop output and lock up with in 5 minutes.


Technical Index:
3.Input Voltage: 12V/24V/36V/48V
4.Output Voltage:210V-230V
5.No Load Loss:≤1.5%
6.Output Frequency:50Hz~60Hz
7.Output Wave:Pure Sine wave