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Electric Baby Cradle

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REF. QUOTE: Zho190526-1
Last Updated: 06.18.11
Zhongshan City Togyibaby Co.,Ltd.

Inner Packing Meas.47.3*25.0*54.4cm
Outer Packing Meas.49.0*27.0*56.4cm
Qty Per Carton:1pcs
20GP:400PCS 40GP:850PCS 40HQ:990PCS

*Rocking parallel and soft rocking speed,it is more comfortable when baby aged 0-6 months sit in the chair
*The technology of parallel rocking is researched by our company ourselves which is the most advanced one in the world so far. We have the patent of itjust our company can use this technology.Now for this products we will assure exclusive distributor in each market to protect the benifit of our distributor
*Four AA batteries can constantly rock more than 120 hours and adaptable is available
*This parallel rocking technology is even better than our electric baby swing micro-computer technologythe rocking duration is longer while it hardly goes wrong
*The seat frame is same as a bedit is more comfortable for a baby.
*Three rocking speed availablehaving water soundtwitter and other eight musics available

1 Knob function Turn the button to the first grade deasil to connect the powerturn to the second grade to start swing functionsturn to the third grade the swing speed will be bigger biggerthere are total five swing speeds availableWhen turning widdershins the swing speed will be smaller smaller until the power is cutted off.
2 Three time ting available press one time one lamp lightit means time ting 8 minutespress the second time two lamps light for fifteen minutes press the third time three lamps light for 30 minutes. All the functions will stop once the ted time reachthen the swing will turn to rest sitiuation to save electric.If don’t start time ting functionsall other functions started will continue working untill power off
3 Music button press one time to start the music the second time to tweedlethe third time music is turned off.
4 Press the button constantly the volume will be from higher to lower or from lower to higher cyclely release the button when you find volume suitable.
5 Recommond for baby from birth to 6monthsbelow 9KGS
6 Certificates CEASTM F 2088