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Portable evaporative air cooler

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REF. QUOTE: Fuz190523-1
Last Updated: 06.11.11
Fuzhou Green Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd

This compact air cooler is small enough to fit for spot cooling, and provides enough cooling for larger areas up to 80 square meters.


Environmentally-Friendly: The Green cooler works without Freon and compressors that are expensive to run and hard on the environment.


Energy-Efficient: When used in the right climate, Green cooler is significantly cheaper to run than an air conditioner. In fact, it only consumes 250 watts per hour!


Powerful Cooling: Green cooler is one of the strongest evaporative coolers on the market. It offers an amazing 6,000 m3/h of cooling with 8 meters air throw -- comparable to many commercial units!


Fully Portable: Rolling casters allow you to easily roll this cooler from room to room with ease.


Multi-Functional: Green cooler does more than just cool: it also humidifies and freshens the air so you can breathe easier!