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Hand-push Airless Road Marking...

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REF. QUOTE: Hen190523-1
Last Updated: 04.26.11
Henan TATU Highway Co.,Ltd

1.Road marking machine Engine: Japanese Honda 13HP or Robin 13.5HP four-stroke air-cooled gasoline engine.
2.Road marking machine Chassis: A firm welded frame; its surface has been chrome-plated or sprayed with corrosion resistant coating; equipped with imported high-speed bearing which ensures the whole machine lighter and more convenient.
3.Road marking machine Rubber wheel: The left and right back wheels are gas-filled pressure resistant vacuum wheels whose diameters are 350mm; the front directional wheel is special naturally modified rubber wheel with abrasion resistance whose diameter is 190mm.
4.Road marking machine Front wheel directional device: It can lock the front wheel to ensure the road-marking machine to operate freely in straight line or turning.
5.Road marking machine Guide rod: The adjustable guide rod can be freely adjusted to up, down, left and right.
6.Road marking machine Paint pump: Equipped with double new-type hydraulic plunger type high pressure airless pumps that runs stably with big flow and stable pressure. The Maximum pressure is 20mpa (working pressure 10-15mpa) with single pump maximum flow 12.5L/min. It can spray two colors of marking lines, double-real line, pedestrian crossing and airport double-color line synchronously.
7.Road marking machine Paint tank (optional): The capacity is 80Kg; equipped with a filter device in it and air in-take filter in the feeding port.
8.Road marking machine Spray gun: Equipped with three new-type manual spray guns with hard side columnar reverse washed nozzles (20/25 or 30/25) which can make the on-spot discharging easy and convenient; the non-arc nozzle ensures the line straight and exact. The hand brake controller makes the change among single, double or three spray guns flexibly.
9.Road marking machine Available paint: Cold solvent paint, water-based paint and two-component paint.
10.Road marking machine Spray width: 100-450mm.
11.Road marking machine Size & Weight: 1750 mm(L)x 1000 mm(W)x 1070 mm(H),142kg( excluding the paint tank ).