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REF. QUOTE: Hen190521-1
Last Updated: 04.26.11
Henan TATU Highway Co.,Ltd

1.Road marking machine Engine: 25HP water-cooled electrical starting diesel engine with three-cylinder in line that is environmental protection with low noise. The highest speed is 3000 RPM and its fuel tank cubage is 50L.
2.Road marking machine Driving system: Imported oil pressurized continuously variable speed transmission that can freely go ahead, back off and stop.
3.Road marking machine Driving speed: Forward: 0-22km/h; back off: 0-12km/h; Maximum capacity: 15°.
4.Road marking machine Spray system: Equipped with double hydraulic-driven plunger-type spraying pumps. Maximum flow per pump: 20L/min. maximum spraying pressure: 20Mpa.
5.Road marking machine Spray gun: Equipped with three new-type pneumatic spray guns, one hand spray gun with an extension pipe and reverse washed nozzle (30/20, 70/20) which can make the on-spot discharging easy and convenient. The non-arc nozzle can enable the marking line straight and exact. Users can start the one or two spray guns at the same time according to different needs. The marking width is 100-1000mm.
6.Road marking machine Available paint: Applying to spray cold solvent, water-based and two-component road marking paint.
7.Road marking machine Glass beads spraying system: The automatic definite quantity spraying can work synchronously with the paint spraying system, which ensures the dispensing evener and more economical.
8.Road marking machine Glass beads bin: Equip with one (or double) storage bin with window, which can check the quantity of glass bead (double bins make sure continual spraying).The capacity of bin is 200kg.
9.Road marking machine Control system: TT-KZ300 PLC micro-electronic control system can freely change the line types such as single or double continuous line and all kinds of broken lines. And the following functions can also be equipped according to the users’ needs: paint volume measuring, line length and area measuring and line thickness reminding to make the marking operation convenient and fast.
10.Road marking machine Chassis: A firm welded, four-wheel structure with a 500mm inflatable pressure-proof wheel. The operators can operate the machine sitting on the left or right and use the hydraulic steering (designed at the left or right according to users’ needs) to freely control directions. The stable brake system makes the driving more secure.
11.Road marking machine Paint tank: Equipped with double paint tanks which are made of cold rolled, oxidation resistant steel, and the capacity of single tank is 150kg.
12.Road marking machine Gun bracket: Foldable bracket is equal distance to road surface. Spray width can be freely adjusted before or after construction work.
13.Road marking machine Pre-marking system: Pre-marking working synchronous with the marking operation, greatly improving the construction efficiency.
14.Road marking machine Guide rod: The extractable hydraulic guide rod can be freely adjusted to up, down, left and right.
15.Road marking machine Warning function: The warning lights at the upper part of the marking machine that can freely adjust the flicker frequency and the electronic warning arrow at the back (the flashing direction is adjustable) of the vehicle can improve the safety of road marking operation.
16.Road marking machine Transportation: Optional for the trailer (TT-TGC) device, easy for the long distance transportation.
17.Road marking machine Size & Weight: 5300mm (L) ×1650mm (W) ×2300mm(H). 2650kg