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High-pressure cold paint Road ...

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REF. QUOTE: Hen190523-1
Last Updated: 04.26.11
Henan TATU Highway Co.,Ltd

This road marking machine is high-end marking equipment with high efficiency and high quality that can choose trucks with different trademarks and different weights as its mounting platform according to customers’ different needs and is more safer and environmental protection. The main parameters are as follows:
1.Road marking machine Engine: 37HP water-cooled electrical starting diesel engine with three-cylinder in-line that is environmental protection with low noise. The fuel tank cubage is 100L.
2.Road marking machine Paint Pump: Equipped with double hydraulic-driven plunger-type spraying pumps. Maximum flow per pump: 20L/min. maximum spraying pressure: 20Mpa.
3.Road marking machine Paint Tank: Equipped with single tank with two rooms (cubage 2500kg/room that can be extended and the II-type paint tank is pressure tank); equipped with hydraulic-driven erect vane stirrer. Gear pump in the bottom of the tank provides convenience of feeding paint into the tanks.
4.Road marking machine Spraying Gun: I-type is equipped with 4 new-type pneumatic spraying guns and 1 manual spraying gun with lengthening pipe with reverse washed nozzle (42/20 or 70/20). II-type is double equipped with air spraying gun with wide wheel and receiving vat to make sure the line-edge well-trimmed and beautiful with high efficiency of 15-20km/h.
5.Road marking machine Available Paint: Applying to spray cold solvent, water-based and two-component road marking paint.
6.Road marking machine Glass beads spraying system: Equipped with double 120L pressurized glass beads bin with windows that can uninterruptedly spray glass beads. Single or double glass beads spraying guns can be equipped on the left or right that can freely adjust its pressure, flow rate and spray width to ensure the spraying glass beads firmer, evener and more economical.
7.Road marking machine Electronic Control: TT-KZ300 PLC micro-electronic control system can freely change the line types such as single or double continuous line and all kinds of broken lines. And the following functions can also be equipped according to the users’ needs: paint volume measuring, line length and area measuring and line thickness reminding to make the marking operation convenient and fast.
8.Road marking machine Road cleaning and Pre-Marking system: Road cleaning and pre-marking can be done at the same time of marking operation, multiplying the marking efficiency.