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REF. QUOTE: Hen190520-1
Last Updated: 04.26.11
Henan TATU Highway Co.,Ltd

1.Road marking machine Paint tank: Stainless steel external and cold-rolling oxidation resistant steel internal bladder. The heating temperature can be freely controlled (0-260) according to the specification of paint chosen by user, equip with erect type manual stirring device, and the capacity is 75kg.
2.Road marking machine Marking shoe: Alloy knife component is imported excellent steel with fire-resistance, anti-abrasion, oxidation resistance and screeding structures, and the outside structure and relative moving parts are made of imported special steel sheet with fire-resistance (2000),oxidation-resistance and anti-deformation, whose stability will be better after special process. The screeding knife is made of original imported hard tungsten steel, and the marking shoe body adopts aluminum die-casting. The precise manufacture techniques of the shoe ensure better operability, accuracy, durability and firmness.
3.Road marking machine Heating system: Valves ,cooker units, fire nozzles and pipes adopt imported parts.
4.Road marking machine The technical indices and parameters of glass beads bin, glass beads dispenser, rubber wheel, back stern wheel guide arm , guide rod , handle, marking width and thickness are the basic same as that of TT- ZRST-I road marking machine.
5.Road marking machine The technical indices of chassis are the same as that of TT-ZRST-I road marking machine, but with different parameters.
6.Road marking machine Option for 400(450)mm paint marking shoe to meet the need of pedestrian marking construction.
7.Road marking machine Size. Weight: 1200mm(length )×950mm(width )×1100mm(height ).170kg(excluding liquefied gas container, with 150mm marking shoe).