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REF. QUOTE: Hen190625-1
Last Updated: 04.26.11
Henan TATU Highway Co.,Ltd

This is a type of screeding general road marking machine, compact and small, flexible to operate. Under the premise of sufficient melted material, it also has relatively high construction efficiency. The type I is for flat line, and the type II is for flat line and convex line.
1.Road marking machine Engine: Japanese Honda 20HP air-cooled electrical starting single-cylinder gasoline engine. The fuel tank’s Capacity is 40L.
2.Road marking machine Driving system: Imported oil pressurized continuously variable speed transmission system (HTS) with automatic brake device that can freely go ahead, back off and stop. The left and right back wheels are equipped with differential speed gearing to ensure it to drive freely around the curve and change directions timely. Driving speed: 0-22km/h, maximum climbing capacity: 15°.
3.Road marking machine Heating mode: Propane infrared heating source, saving the gas 30% than the traditional heating way. The heating is more evener, more convenient, safer and more environment-friendly.
4.Road marking machine Marking mode: Equipped with hydraulic screeding marking shoe; structure board is made of imported special steel sheet with high-temperature resistance (2000°C), oxidation resistance and deformation resistance. It has much better stability after stamping. The plinth is the pneumatic screeding structure that is made of special alloy steel. Floor knife that contacts with the ground directly adopts imported hard tungsten steel knife-head. The precision technique ensures its better sensibility, abrasion proof and firmness. The marking has more regular raised shape, evener and straight bottom line edge, and perfect head. The standard configuration of the marking shoe is 150mm. (Option for other sizes according to the needs of customers).
5.Road marking machine Glass bead spraying system: 55L single pressure type glass bead tanks with visible window. Equipped with single glass beads spraying gun on the left or right side, whose pressure, flow and spraying width can be adjusted to ensure spraying glass beads much firmer, much evener and more economical.
6.Road marking machine Electronic control: Set up various standard linetype control mode to realize micro-electronic intelligent control; it can be freely adjusted according to the customer’s personalized needs.
7.Road marking machine Paint tank: Cool-rolled oxidation-resisting steel paint tank, in whose interlayer the high-tech thermal insulation material is filled. Inside the tank is equipped with the hydraulic chain-driven horizontal vane blender. Paint Capacity:150L.
8.Road marking machine Air compressor: 0.6 m3/min piston type air compressor. Air storage tank with adjustable pressure is equipped with automatic safety exhaust device.
9.Road marking machine Warning function: Single warning lamp whose flicker frequency (or burst flash) can be adjusted freely, it improves the safety of marking operation.
10.Road marking machine Guide rod: Guide rod can be freely adjusted up, down, left and right.
11.Road marking machine Pre-mark system: It can be fitted with pre-marking system. When you marking the one line you can pre-mark another line, this improves the working efficiency greatly.
12.Road marking machine Size & Weight: 3090mm (L) ×1360mm (W) ×1500mm (H). 910kg.
Option for a pre-heater trailer according to the needs of the users to make the long transportation and paint melting convenient.