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REF. QUOTE: Hen190521-1
Last Updated: 04.26.11
Henan TATU Highway Co.,Ltd

Engine: 25KW diesel engine, water-cooled, max 3000RPM
Max speed: 22km/h ,speed 0-22km/hback off:0-12km/h.Max climbing:15
Paint tank capacity: 225L
Glass beads tank: 60L
Heating way Directly heated by liquid gas
Marking device: Marking shoe ,standard configuration of marking shoe :150mm
Operation & Control Micro-electronic automatically control by panel
Marking width: according to the demands of construction ,option for 100mm,200mm,250mm,300mm
Marking thickness (adjustable): 2.0 -3.0mm(adjustable)
Air compressor: 0.6m3/min
Dimensions (L x W x H)& Weight: 3500×1400×2370mm , 1200kg

Main Feature:
Ideal machine for medium-sized and larger marking jobs in urban areas
Advanced hydraulic drive with infinitely variable speed control system for precise speed control and adjustment.
Moving priority design can be efficiently control machine running to enable the safety in case of emergency,
The screeding structure makes the markings straight and beautiful
Sensitive, precise and stable computer control system easily realize all operations.