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REF. QUOTE: Hen190521-1
Last Updated: 04.26.11
Henan TATU Highway Co.,Ltd

1.Road marking machine Engine: The 37Hp water-cooled electric startup diesel engine with three-cylinder in-line. The fuel tank's cubage: 50L.
2.Road marking machine Driving system: The original imported variable speed transmission system with automatic brake device, which can be freely operated in forward, back off or stop(HTS).
3.Road marking machine Driving speed: Forward 0-22km/h; Back off 0-12km/h; Max climbing capability:15.
4.Road marking machine Heating: infrared propane heating, electronic ignition and conduction oil heating together save 30% fuel compared with traditional heating way, which make the heating evener, quicker, more secure and more environmental.
5.Road marking machine Glass beads spray system: Single pressurized 60L glass beads bin with a window. The single or double glass beads spraying guns at the left (or right) which can adjust pressure, flow rate and spray width ensure the sprayed glass beadsevener, more deep-set and more economical.
6.Road marking machine Marking way: Equip with hydraulic screeding marking shoe and imported structure board which is a special steel sheet of high-temperature resistance(2000), oxidation resistance and deformation resistance. The board has more stability after being punched. The plinth is made of special alloy steel with the pneumatic scraped structure. The floor knife adopts imported hard tungsten steel knife-head. The exact craftwork ensures its better sensibility, abrasion proof and firmness, more regular convex shape, evener bottom line edge, and perfecter head. The configuration standard of shoe is 150mm. (Option for other sizes according to the needs of customers).
7.Road marking machine Electronic control: Control ways for various marking standards and the micro-electronic intelligent control realized. Freely adjust the types of marking according to the needs of individual customer.
8.Road marking machine Chassis: firm welding frame with four-wheel structure. The tire is of inflatable pressure-proof engineering wheel and the diameter is 500mm. The operator can operate the machine at right or left side and control the directions by operating the hydraulic steering. The stable brake system can make the driving more secure.
9.Road marking machine Paint tank: Made of cold-rolling anti-oxidation steel, which keeps warm by conduction oil. The heating temperature can be freely controlled according to the different kinds of coating chosen by the users. Equip with hydraulic vertical vane type agitating device. Cubage: 450kg.
10.Road marking machine Guide rod: The telescopic guide rod can be freely adjusted to up, down, left and right.
11.Road marking machine Alarming function: Equip with alarming lamp with adjustable flicker frequency , which improves the safety of road marking construction. (Option for electronic warning arrow at the back of the machine, which can freely adjust the direction of the flicker arrow. )
12.Road marking machine Transportation:Option for TT-TGC trailer with thermoplastic pre-heater, convenient for long transportation and paint melting.
13.Road marking machine Size and weight: 3000mm(length)*1400mm(width)*1600mm(height). 1200kg(not including the gas tank, with a 150mm shoe).