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REF. QUOTE: Hon190521-1
Last Updated: 04.07.11

HiPen is your best OEM choice.

HiPen's Touch&Talk technology:

HiPen's Touch&Talk technology "Prints" the sound onto the paper, which breaks the limitation of tapes and CDs, and transfers sound into data, paper into media. Thus, the books can "talk " with children. Children can explore different preschool skills with every book in the HiPen library. By touching the pictures, words, phrases, sentences in the books, children will be guided to learn with great effectivreness!


Adavantages of HiPen:

Best price among first class reading pens.

16M built-in memory card

dry battery

OEM Plan for you:

1 HiPen with your own brand

1 package:  your own reading pen + 1 book with your native language+1poster with your native language+1 set flash card wirh your native language.

or 1 pen + 1 set  most famouse picture book in your country.