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Shifu Reading Pen

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REF. QUOTE: Hon190521-1
Last Updated: 04.07.11

SHIFU Pen is the premier next generation state-of-the-art language learning tool,using Human's advanced Touch & Talk technology. By pointing the pen to text and objects on specially printed material, users can listen to an endless variety of pre-recorded soundsfrom word pronunciations to dialogues, or song clips to catchy tunes. The SHIFU pen offers a fully interactive learning experience, enabling learners to study anytime and anywhere, making language learning fun and easy! It is the second product of the Touch & Talk pen Series targeting at adults and has more functions such as recording.



Accessories: 2GB audio cartridge, 110~240V charger


Recharging: After every recharge of 1 hour, the pen can be used continuously for more than 2 hours.


Product figures:


Compact, portable, easy to use, instant Touch & Talk enabled

No more searching or rewinding of CDs and cassettes

Listen, repeat, record and compare

Multiple audio-enabled books to choose


Our SHIFU Pen will give you an even better reading experience. Now you can LISTEN TO a book, simply by touching it with the pen. All the recordings are done by professionals with guaranteed pronunciation and authentic intonation. Communicating in a foreign language is never so easy: bypass all the courses, grammars and practices, you just click, listen and repeat. Travelers will find it most efficient while for the language learners, it is obviously the most convenient and revolutionary multi-media learning tool.


Hey Publishers and companies! We make your products irresistible to your customers!


1. Touch and Talk technology makes books come alive!

a. Any object in a book can be associated with a voice, a conversation, a song or a sound effect

b. Interactive games can be created to further enrich the learning experience

c. Any book, poster, cartoon, sticker or other printed product can be made Touch and Talk capable


2. Hongen Education & Technology Co., Ltd. provides quick, affordable and reliable service

a. Conversion process is very affordable. With large orders of the pen, conversion costs can be as low as free.

b. There is no additional printing cost for your Touch and Talk capable materials


3. Touch and Talk compatible printing helps protect your content from unlawful copyright infringement!