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Mini Reader Reading Pen

Barrakuda | China Wholesale | China Trade

REF. QUOTE: Hon190521-1
Last Updated: 04.01.11


1 Mini Reader + 3 Toy Books + 1 Disc + 1 Menu Book (“Fun for Kids 500”) + 1 Manual

Ages: 0~4 years


The Mini Reader's quirky shape and animal-like appearance attracts a toddler's attention. The large knob design makes it easy for toddlers to hold it in their tiny hands. With its durable exterior, the Mini Reader can withstand a toddler's rambunctious use over many years and is easy to clean with a damp cloth.


The Mini Reader's optical reader is cleverly designed so that fingers cannot touch the sensor.

The batteries are safely stored behind a compartment that closes securely with a screw.

A volume control button with low/medium/high settings and a repeat/pause control button are located below the speakers on the front side of the Mini Reader, while a conveniently placed on/off button is on the side.

An “entertainment button” in the middle of the front side will bring 3 either stories or songs or poems automatically. The speakers provide good, clear sound with little distortion.

A battery-saving feature, the Mini Reader will turn off automatically after a period of inactivity.


Supporting Books:

11 supporting board books

4 suporting toy books




safe for toddler use