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My Reader Reading Pen

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REF. QUOTE: Hon190526-1
Last Updated: 04.01.11

1. Who are we?

We are Hongen Education and Technology Co., Ltd.(, one of the largest education product and solution providers in China. Our Reading Pen Products, which we consider may have a chance to attract your attention.

2. What is My Reader Reading Pen?

The My Reader Reading  Pen is breakthrough technology which gives passive readers a whole new dimension of active learning. The pen interacts with printed materials and speaks what it “reads” all in real time.


3. What is My Reader Reading Pen's advantage?

Advanced Touch&Talk technology, make books "talk" without extra cost

Best price among first class reading pens

With more than 100 supporting books


4. What is our intention?

We are seeking for distributors for this No.1 Reading Pen brand in China, or help develop your own brand reading pen and make your books audio-enabled without extra cost.


5. What service do we offer?

Customization: add your native language in our books

OEM: Help develop your own reading pen and supporting books brand



Safe and Qualified