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solar controller for lamps

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REF. QUOTE: Wuh190625-1
Last Updated: 03.26.11
Wuhan Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd

WS- AL MPPT15 WELLSEE solar street light controller
Category : Solar street light controller
Model : WS-AL MPPT15
Weight : 260g
Size : 134*100*31mm
General Information :
This new WELLSEEE controller WS-AL MPPT15 controlled solar lighting charge controller will eliminate the need for seperate charge controller, timer ,light-dimmer and light control in a 12/24v lighting system. It uses the photovoltaic array to detect day and night and will learn the length of your night in order to provide light before sunrise. Save battery and array size by setting the light to turn off in the middle of the night.
MPPT explaination
Maximum power point tracking is a technique that solar inverters use to get the most possible power from the PV array. Any given PV module or string of modules will have a maximum power point: essentially, this defines current that the inverter should draw from the PV in order to get the most possible power (power is equal to voltage times current).
Solar panel: the system of 12v should choose the 40 pieces connected in series, the voltage of Maximum Power Point should be above 18V, the 24V system shoule be choose the two piece of the solar panel which is above-mentioned. The wire : you’d better choose the wire which is connected the solar panel and WELLSEE controller according to 1A/m
1. Connection

2. Functions:
1,MPPT function
2, Microprocessor controller pulse width modulation (PWM) charging
3, amount of light can be fixed.
4, Suitable for polytype battery.
5, Overcharge protection
6, Short circuit protection (automatic restoration)
7, Thunder protection
8,Thunder protection Reverse discharge protection
9, Reverse polarity connection protection
10, It can set up to 20 steps TM Timing Module or 10 steps segment mode.
11, LET indicator to show the working condition of charging and discharging:
l One piece of Charge Indicator LED (mark: Charge). When it is bright, the battery is charged strongly; flickeringly means floating charge, no light means stop charging.
l One piece of Load Indicator LED (mark: Light). When it is bright, there is output and load can work; if LED goes out, means there isn’t output and the load cannot work.
l Battery indicator: red =under voltage Green =full Yellow =normal

3. Technical Index:
system voltage 12V / 24V / 48V
Max Curry Current 6A 10A 15A
Output voltage scope 12V40V / 24V40V/ 48V80V
Charge off voltageHVD 14.4V / 28.8V / 57.6V *
Low Voltage DirectiveLVD 10.8V / 21.6V / 43.2V *
Low Voltage RestoreLVR 11.8V / 23.6V / 47.2V *
temperature compensation -3mv//cell
open circuit losses ≤30mA
Light control light control turn on + light control turn off
Light control + time control Light control turn on/off + time control turn on/off
The step of time control 0.5 hours startedhalf an hour of one grade up to 10 hours
ambient temperature -25-----+55
quiescent current 24mA
control mode PWM
Max loop voltage drop 350 mV