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solar regulator

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REF. QUOTE: Wuh190520-1
Last Updated: 03.19.11
Wuhan Wellsee New Energy Industry Co., Ltd

WS-C2430series WS-C2460 series WS-C4860 series
Category: Solar Charging and discharging Controller
Model: WS-C2430
Weight: 500g
Size: 164*110*45 mm
Packing: 27pcs/carton 14kgs/carton 0.05 m³/carton
PWM solar controller: WS-C which has LCD display, The LCD will show the voltage of battery, charge current and current of loads in turn of every 5 seconds. Users can setup the charge-off voltage, the load off voltage, the load-on voltage according to the user's requirements. But it doesn’t have MPPT function.
1. CPU control, LCD display
2. Automatic recognition of input voltage
3. Applicable to various types of durable batteries
4. PWM charge
5. Setting the voltage of low voltage cut-off/resuming connection of the
DC output of the load port
6. Temperature sensor for charging a battery in compensation
7. Protective circuit of PV from reverse-charging.
8. Overload protection
9. Overcharge protection
10. Short circuit protection
11. Temperature compensate
12. Reverse polarity connection protection
13. Converse discharge protection
14. Thunder protection
15. Low voltage protection