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REF. QUOTE: Mic190521-1
Last Updated: 09.14.10
Micropower Technology Co.,Ltd

FM 4-channel proportional radio control device, with six features:
1. Intelligent Control System
2. Full-scale remote control
4. Smooth suspension performance
5. Power-saving features of new R & D
6. Battery Power saver mode, to extend the service life.

Product information:
The technical parameters of the aircraft
Fuselage Span: 1030 mm
Wing Span: 1410 mm
Flying Weight: 1.1kgs
Brushless Motor:KV-900
30A Brushless Speed controller :
11.1 V
Li-Po battery:
Servo :9 g * 4 pcs
2.4G 4-channel Radio
Radio control distance : 500 M

Certificate:CE FCC ROHZ

Inner Package Size::98cm*33.2cm*26cm×1PCS
outer packing:99.5cm*67cm*53cm
Color: A is red B is white
. Please follow the requirements of manual operation.
. Please read carefully before using the instruction manual.
. Please be stored in small parts of the reach of children, are dangerous.
. Charging process must always be someone to look after, so as not to cause significant risk to the battery overheating.
. Do not put lithium polymer batteries thrown into the fire, and avoid accidents.
. Operation and the aircraft body to maintain a safe distance. Prohibited near the rotor.
. Against unauthorized modification of the circuit, to avoid accidents.

Flight Notes:
Please choose a spacious interior space flight, there are no obstacles around, animals or others.
Note: 1. Flight before you observe the surrounding environment, confirm the suitable candidates.
2. Do not let the plane fly flight sight.
3. Children must be used under the guidance of the recognition.
4. Make sure that in the same space, no one else is using the same frequency.
5. Please avoid flying by air blowing fan or air conditioner blowing.