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light zorb ball

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REF. QUOTE: Way190521-1
Last Updated: 06.09.10
Way Lead CO.,LTD

inflatable zorb ball
Good quality,professional design,competitive price,quick delivery.

Specification of inflatable zorb ball, zorbing ball, ground ball, scrolling ball,grass ball:
1. Material: 1.0mm pvc or 1.0mm tpu;
2. Size: Dia.3m, or Dia2.5M
3. Weight: 65kgs or 55kgs
4. Packing: double-layer tarpaulin bags
5. MOQ: 1 pc
6. Accessory: CE/UL blower and repair kit
7. Suitable for family back yards, playing center, parks,etc
8. Welcome to contact us for more details.

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