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Chinese Learning House for Kids

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Last Updated: 06.04.10
Hongen Education & Technology Co., Ltd.

Chinese Reading House for Kids, designed by sinology and children education experts, is a unique leveled reader series that offers books at 10 carefully developed skill levels. Each level provides new challenges for young readers to master without being too difficult. This reading series offers a wide variety of fun stories and classic fairy tales. Through these 30 stories, topics of interest and colorful illustrations have been chosen to make learning to read fun and exciting. It is designed to give every child a successful reading experience - children can follow the grade guidelines or read through the steps at their own speed, developing confidence and pride in their reading. Fully audio-enabled with the reading pen, children can learn independently and at their own pace.

1. Learn basic characters which are repeated in stories. So children who even only know 4 characters can read.
2. 630 frequently used characters reappear with high frequency to ensure vocabulary is learned.
3. Adopt step by step teaching, so that kids can smoothly progress from easy to difficult without any gap.
4. Multi-Mode Reading helps kids mad on their own or together with their parents.
5. 30 classical stories help kids develop 10 benevolent characters and learn morals.

 30 amazing stories:

2. The Fishman and the Gold FishWhat the Old Man Does is Right
3. Sleeping Beauty
4. The Emperor's New Suit
6. Cat in the Red Boots
7. The City Mouse and the Country Mouse
8. Table-Be-Set, Gold-Donkey, and Cudgel-out-of-the-Sack
9. Cinderella
10. The Bremen Town Musicians
11. Snow White
12. The Hardy Tin Soldier
13. The Nightingale
14. The Little Match Girl
15. The Tinder-box
16. Three Colorful Pigs
17. Three Butterflies
18. The Dinosaurs’ Family
19. Teddy''s Umbrella
20. The Magic Brush
21. Two Good Friends
22. Teddy The Magician Teddy
23. The Mysterious Castle
24. Teddy's Strange Dream
25. Little Red Riding Hood
26. The Three Little Pigs
27. The Ugly Duckling
28. The Little Mermaid
29. Little Rabbits
30. The Frog Prince