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My First Books-for My Reader T...

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REF. QUOTE: Hon190521-1
Last Updated: 06.04.10
Hongen Education & Technology Co., Ltd.

Ages: 2~6

Specification: 2 posters+1 software

My First English
Clear and vivid, this My First picture dictionary is an ideal learning tool for budding young readers. Bright pictures of familiar objects, such as car, zebra, tea, puppet, fork, and motorcycle, illustrate simple word concepts and expand vocabulary skills. With categories such as "In the dining room," "In the toy store," "At the zoo," and "Vegetable train," children can recognize and name familiar objects, as well as master new vocabulary.

My First Chinese
My First Chinese is specially designed for young children of non-native Chinese families or those living in non-Chinese speaking communities. This primary book contains all the most basic, beginning Chinese characters categorized in 23 topics, which were chosen and compiled by highly experienced Chinese teachers. The lively and friendly illustrations and bonus games hidden in the book help bring this new language closer to home and makes learning Chinese as a second language a lot of fun. This series of books also provide many activities of revision, including chants, stories and fun games.

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