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My Learning Libaray

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REF. QUOTE: Hon190521-1
Last Updated: 06.04.10
Hongen Education & Technology Co., Ltd.

Publishing Year: 2008
Specifications: 2 poster books + 1 software disk
Compatible with Reading Pen: My Reader Pen
Ages: 0~6 years
My Learning Library contains two poster books, which are 500 English Words and 500 Chinese Characters.

500 English Words is designed by a team of ESL and Children's Education experts. It covers 16 the most practical topics selected for children, including food, body, action, animals, nature, time and festivals, places, shapes and colors, numbers, opposites, feelings, tastes, locations, my stuff, family, profession and transportation. There are 500 words and several sentence structures, including some of the most widely used educational content, coupled with lively pictures and games.

Feature One: A “talking” book.
Join Hello Teddy's four adorable cartoon characters (Teddy, Kitty, Puppy and Nicky) who are there to make learning fun for kids, helping them to acquire knowledge in a refreshing, joyful way. Along with the My Reader Talking Pen, the posters will help children develop their ability to focus, increase their confidence, enhance their self-study abilities, and help build their creative skills through practical hands-on learning.

Feature Two: Interactive Games.

Each page contains a interactive game, simply by touching the icon of “Find Me”, children can enjoy the fun of exploration. The various questions can improve not only their English, but also the ability of categorization, generalization and logical thinking. When the children answer the questions correctly, they can hear the encouraging responses which will enhance their confidence in learning.

500 Chinese Characters is designed for children of 3~6 years old. 3~6 years old are at their peak time of entire recognition and memorization, and it is the perfect time for learning Chinese characters, the so called "picture words". 500 Chinese Characters categorizes the most important 500 characters according to the level of difficulty. Based on the features of children's cognition, the characters are demonstrated with pinyin, pictures and phrases. The picture can help them understand the meaning. Pinyin can help them pronounce correctly. And the character flash cards without pictures strengthen children's ability to recognize each character as a whole.

Tips for parents-and-children Games
Using the My Reader Talking Pen, parents can play many fun games with their children. Below are some examples:
Parrot Parrot: Parents touch a character with the My Reader Talking Pen and ask the children to follow like a parrot. And then exchange roles. Mimicking in different tones and pitches are suggested.
Elephant Memory: Parents ask the child to look for a certain character as quickly as possible. And then exchange roles.
Search by Categories: Parents ask the child to look for characters that belong to a certain category. Strengthen the child’s memorization while training his/her ability of categorization.
Abracadabra: Ask the child to close his/her eyes. Touch any character while saying “Abracadabra”. Child should use the character touched to make a phrase or a sentence.
Parents can create more games to learn Chinese characters with their children.