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Tortoise Twilight Night Light

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REF. QUOTE: Xin190521-1
Last Updated: 05.07.10
Xingchao Electronic Gift Co.,Ltd

Twilight Tortoises starry projection imitates the night sky. By using the twilight tortoise star guide book, children can learn to recognize constellations in their own star filled bedroom. It also projects the constellations in 3 soothing colors: Blue, Green and Red, These colors are lighting to help relieve children tension and promote their relaxation.

1.Material:ABS and Ultra Soft Short Floss
3.Quality:With Certification of CE,RoHS
4.Color:Yellow and Gray
5.Package:One tortoise in one inner colorful box with 30cm*19.5cm*11cm

1. Full night sky projection on any ceilings
2. 7 actual star constellations
3. Twilight Tortoise Star Guide to help find and recognize the constelllation
4. Automatic time-out after 45 minutes
5. Three AAA Batteries included
6. Suitable Crowd: Ages 3 to adults