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Turtle Twilight Night Light

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REF. QUOTE: Xin190521-1
Last Updated: 05.07.10
Xingchao Electronic Gift Co.,Ltd

Sleeping Turtle helps children sleep easier and makes bedtime fun by projecting a starry night sky on their bedroom ceilings. This interactive nightlight illuminates three magical colors and five sea animals. You can pick a different color and animal each night. It is the perfect sleep companion for children of all ages, of course suitable for adults.

1.Material: ABS and Ultra Soft Short Floss
2.Size: 39cm*21cm*10cm
3.Quality:With Certification of CE,RoHS
4.Color:Ocean Blue,Emerald Green and Aquamarine
5.Package:One turtle in one inner colorful box with 35cm*21cm*11cm

1. Full starry night sky projection on ceilings
2. Five endangered sea animals images on shell, each illuminates one at a time
3. Three AAA batteries included
4. 45 minutes sleep timer
5. Glowing shell creats a comforting nightlight effect
6. Suitable for all ages, especially children