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Musical Dolphin

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REF. QUOTE: Xin190521-1
Last Updated: 05.07.10
Xingchao Electronic Gift Co.,Ltd

Slumber Music Dolphin is an interactive plush toy, that plays fun sounds when your children want to play, and it will play soothing sounds when they are ready to sleep. Being made from soft non-toxic bamboo carbon fiber, music dolphin is the perfect bedtime companion for children, of course suitable for adults.

1.Material: Soft non-toxic bamboo carbon fiber cloth
3.Quality:With Certification of CE,RoHS
4.Color:Blue and light Blue
5.Package:One dolphin in one inner colorful box with 38cm*16.5cm*13.5cm

1. Plays four peaceful water-based sounds: Dolphins Playing, Whale Songs, Tranquil Melody, Ocean Waves
2. Booklet teaches children about endangered dolphins and dolphin story
3. Two AA batteries included
4. Smoothing sounds creats a quiet environment, suitable for all stages of children’sleep
5. Simple push-button sound selection with volume control, two sleep-timer: 23 and 45 minutes
6. Ideal for all ages of people