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JK-MH2 Series Magical Poster F...

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REF. QUOTE: Bei190618-1
Last Updated: 03.24.10
Beijing Zhencai Shengshi Technology Co. Ltd

( 33mm profile / 45 with mitred corners) Snap frames for the display of poster , to fit the poster simply open the snap frame,remove the anti-reflex pvc sheet,place the poster in the frame ,cover it with the pvc sheet and close the snap frame.The snap frames come standard with four mounting holes and screws. The aluminum snap frames are silver anodised . Width of frame moliding 33 mm, all around front high pressure Laminate which is 0.8mm in thickness. Optional patterns of the decoration panel is available.The products is widely used in decoration industries, all commercial and civil construction, such as indoor decoration, super marker, guesthouse, hotel, family daily expense and so on.The front High Pressure Laminate has the capcbility of resisting stain, abrasion, acid and alkali, pressure and moisture-proof and anti-static.