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Far infrared jade stone health...

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Last Updated: 03.11.10
Yantai Hengsheng Healthy Products Tech.Co.,Ltd

Far Infrared Negative Ion Jade Health Mattress



1. thermotherapy
2. Natural Jade
3. Far-Infrared
4. Negative Ion
5. Super Long Wave

6. Shield Electromagnetic Wave

7. Negative Potential therapy





Basic elements:

1) High Quality Natural Jade Stones

2) High Quality multicolor Leather cover

3) Hi-tech processing technique

4) Multifunction designed structure

5) Safe-Scientific heating system

6) Far infrared and negative ion heating system inside

7) Jade stone,germanium stone or tourmaline, that means customer can select each kind of stone, or mixed.

8) Optional size:200cm *150cm (double); 190cm*90cm(single), or you will have your size.