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REF. QUOTE: Sha190625-1
Last Updated: 03.10.10
Shanghai Huilun Babythings Co., Ltd.

Baby growing up day by day, mom needs to feed baby with more nutrition to ensure babys health. Besides breast milk, food which is of abundant nutrition, easy to chaw and absorb will be prepared for baby. Also, according to doctors opinion, days after giving birth to child, Moms teeth become soft. It causes Mon difficult to chaw hard food. Meanwhile, cold food causes bad effect to health.

1.Natural nutrition: high temperature braises food in short time, no damage to vitamin.

2.Steady power drives high rigidity stainless steel knives to break and blend food completely.

3.Numeral control mechanism enables user to customize target braising time from 10 to 30 minutes.

4.Safety: only when braise kettle is fixed well, the power will be offered. Otherwise, the unit will turns off automatically for safety.

5.fission structure enables user to clean the unit more easily.