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electric breast pump

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REF. QUOTE: Sha181219-1
Last Updated: 03.11.10
Shanghai Huilun Babythings Co., Ltd.

1 The design of the mini electric breast pump, is suitable for Moms who are inconvenient to feed their babies directly; This unit adopt four suction mouth dispersion device, let the suction distributed uniformly around the nipple. It can alleviate pain, meanwhile avoid the nipple collapses, makes Moms more beautiful and healthier.

2..Full automaticity release and suck function can imitate babys sucking movement and rhythm, makes sucking safe, comfortable and painless.advanced AC current and DC current power supply design, eliminates the manual operation
tire effectively.
3.electric power insure steady, Strong ,adjustable and comfortable Suction,considerate design to be easy to assemble, operate and clean: mom can control and
choose their favor suction speed just by turning the adjust ring or the button;
4It is suitable for every kind of feeding bottles of varies sizes. very easy to
assemble and clear.
5.special massage function: its silica gel pad which has massage function makes it
easy to suck out a great deal of breast milk in a short time, and also can eliminate
the gall and ache of the breasts during the feeding period. Material: PP, PC, silica gel, resin of ABS ( machine body), be Safe,
comfortable, hygienic, don't comprise poisonous chemic material .