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home bottle warmer

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REF. QUOTE: Sha181209-1
Last Updated: 03.10.10
Shanghai Huilun Babythings Co., Ltd.

1: snow bear brand Home bottle warmer adopts advanced high effective technology
to heat. It can be used at home.
2: performance: fast to warm, exact constant temperature, easy to operation etc.
3: It can be used with different size of feeding bottles.
4: It can warm breast milk, milk, milk beverages and baby food for around 5 minutes.
5: keep the temperature between 20 degree to 80 degree to insure the food are not
boiled overly and the nutrition is not damaged.
6: It has lightness structure and is convenient to take along with , easy to clean.
7: Its crust which is made from non-poisonous plastic is more safe for your baby.