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multiple--function milk warmer

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REF. QUOTE: Sha190624-1
Last Updated: 03.10.10
Shanghai Huilun Babythings Co., Ltd.

Common milk warmer neither can keep accurate and constant temperature, nor have a
enough big volume. But the snow bear HL--0617 solved all this questions:
1.advanced thermostatic design: the unique temperature--induction label can show
the temperature accurately.
2.super volume: The "snow bear" HL--0617 multi-function baby food warmer can heat
700ml a time.
3.multiple functions: your can not only heat milk, but also boil egg, make tea or
Use this milk warmer, you can offer enough milk for your baby a time without any
waste. besides, you can not only heat milk and water, but also boil egg and make
tea and coffee.