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LCD home & car bottle warmer

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REF. QUOTE: Sha190523-1
Last Updated: 03.10.10
Shanghai Huilun Babythings Co., Ltd.

product features:
1. At home & In the car 2 in 1: this product is specially designed, with an transformer, to be applicable for 110V to 230V AC in House, and 12V DC in the Car. It make your and your babys journey as easy and happy as in hourse.

2. Numerical control to heating accurately: this unit adopts advance digital and IQ control technique, to help user to customize and acquire the most proper temperature between 37 to 55 degree to heating milk and baby food.

3. LCD to show intuitionistic temperature: user can be informed with the real and exact temperature directly anytime, to avoid cold or over-heating milk and baby food for baby, to insure babys safety and health.

4. Automatic temperature preservation: after heating cycle, the unit turns to temperature preservation state automatically.

5. automatic working time counting: the units advise user the heating or temperature preservation time automatically and accurately.

usage method:

1. A. heating milk with bottle: Put bottle with milk into the warmer, and pour certain volume of water into heating kettle. Please ensure that the water wont overflow the heating kettle.

B. heating jar food with heating cup: pour 100ml water into the heating kettle, then put the heating bowl with food into the heating kettle above the water.

2. Connect the unit to the power supply and press red button (on/off button) to begin heating. the default heating temperature is 37 degree.

3. choose target heating temperature, please be noticed that the target temperature means the final temperature inside bottle:

press the button to increase to target temperature. Vice versa, to press button to decease to target temperature.

We recommend you to choose 40 degree for heating milk; 55 degree for heating jar food. There is an optional temperature range between 37 to 55 degree.

4. when connecting , The timer will count work time in minute automatically. Press the timer button, it will pause, and press it again, it will re-count working time.

5. after pressing on/off button and setting temperature target, the unit begins to heating to target temperature. During the heating process, the LCD will show heat symbol on the liquid displaying screen. When target temperature is reached, the LCD will shows OK and show the real temperature inside bottle.

6. when target temperature is reached, the unit will become to temperature preservation state automatically and constantly.

7. the unit will re-heating automatically when the temperature be lower than target temperature.