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feeding bottle sterilizer

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REF. QUOTE: Sha190625-1
Last Updated: 03.09.10
Shanghai Huilun Babythings Co., Ltd.

1. Perfect double function: sterilizing and drying. It is reported that germ can increase very rapidly in moist environment. Our product can not only kill bacteria in your feeding bottle, but also keep it germfree for long.
2. Three adjustable drying phases according to your need: 20, 40 and 60 minutes drying time for choice;
3. Full automatically and microcomputer control
4. Automatic power deenergization, safe device: when operation is completed or the bucket is removed, the power will be cut off automatically to ensure safety.
5. Sample and practical key board: one button to one function. Every operation can be completed just by one button.
6. Fission structure, easy to clean
7. Super volume: It can sterilize 8 pieces of 300CC feeding bottles, their nipples and the accessories at a time
8. High temperature vapor to sterilize: 110 degree inner temperature kills bacteria completely.
9. Safe and health eco-friendly material: stainless steal heater, PC, PP