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AL2415 Solar street lamp cont...

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Last Updated: 09.08.13
Cheer Solar group Limited

AL2415 Street Lamp Controller
It’s the large research production enterprises of solar charge controller in China, and a global supplier of WELLSEE solar controller and photovoltaic systems. WS-AL2415 WELLSEE SOLAR street lamp controller adopts Micro-controller control, intelligently senses the strength of the light outside. It can automatically open the lamp at dark, and turn to high-light automatically after giving the lamp low-light for half an hour. And then turn to morning light when set time is up or at day break. After that, the lamp can be closed automatically after half an hour (the time of high-light can be set.) The controller also deals with the batteries charge and discharge. When the battery is in low voltage, the lamp will be closed automatically to protect the battery. When it is full, the lamp will be into PWM unstable charge automatically. While at dark, the charging circuit will be turned off to prevent battery discharge through the solar panels. Moreover, this controller has a comprehensive protection circuitry to prevent accidental damage to the controller.
WS-L2415 Street Lamp Controller is the newest patent products of the Blue light Company, which fits for the solar lighting system that is automatically controlled below 280W for both lighting and solar panel.
1. Light control + time control turn on/off + time control turn on + light control turn on.
2. It can set light intensity to save energy consumption, and really achieve saving the energy
3. It can prevent the battery from over-charging and over-discharging.
4. It can prevent reverse charging (the battery charges the solar panel).
5. It can prevent reverse connection of the battery and solar panel.
6. It will start up the lighting system in the evening automatically according to the intensity of the light.
7. It will shut down the lighting system according to the time setting or shut down the lighting system automatically when it is dawn.
8. It has a LET indicator of the working condition of charging and discharging:
l One piece of Charge Indicator LED (mark: Charge). When it is bright, the battery is charged strongly; flickeringly means floating charge, no light means stop charging.
l One piece of Load Indicator LED (mark: Light). When it is bright, there is output and load can work; if LED goes out, means there isn’t output and the load cannot work.
l Battery indicator: red under =voltage Green =full Yellow =normal

The Parameter Sheet:
Model L2415 6A L2415 10A L2415 15A
System voltage 12V/24V Automatic distinguish voltage
Max charge current 6A 10A 15A
Max discharge current 6A 10A 15A
Charge off voltageHVD 14.4V/28.8V
Low Voltage DirectiveLVD 10.8/21.6V
Low Voltage RestoreLVR 11.8V/23.6V
Light operate light control turn on + light control turn off
Light time control Light control turn on/off + time control turn on/off
Time control classification 0.5 hours startedhalf an hour of one grade up to 10 hours
Out put route single bulb
Ambient temperature -25-+55
Safe degree IP55
Quiescent dissipation 24mA
Max loop voltage drop 350 mV
Any change should refer to the specification of products