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feeding bottle sterilizer & dryer

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REF. QUOTE: Sha190520-1
Last Updated: 03.08.10
Shanghai Huilun Babythings Co., Ltd.

1. liquid crystal screen display: this unit adopts the newest LCD technique to show sterilizing and drying process, and sterile status to user directly, make it be easier and more convenient for user.
2. Re-sterilizer alert system: when drying finished, the unit will count down from 12 hours to alert user to re-sterilize this feeding accessories to ensure babies health.
3. Audio alert system: after sterilization or drying, the alert system will remind Mom with beep beep sounds for 8 times.
4. Super volume: it can sterilize up 6 feeding bottles and all the accessories such as nipples and so on.
5. Speed sterilization: with Micro-computer mechanism, this unit kills harmful bacteria rapidly and completely with 100 degree steam, ensures feeding bottles and accessories sterile.
6. Stainless steel heating plate: it makes the unit be easily cleaned and more endurable.
7. Handletwo handles help user to carry, without slipping, moreover, avoid being scalded.