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shawl/ scarf/ headscarf/neckcloth

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REF. QUOTE: She190520-1
Last Updated: 03.04.10
Shenzhen Huawen Dongyun Trade CO.

1.hand printing 100% cotton shawl
2.extremly soft, comfortable,warm
3.Available in different sizes

This kind of batik shawl is pure-handmade, the batik scarf is variety and not fixed and the colors are vibrant and the artworks are artistic. So every piece of the batik scarf is unique and it can also used as an amice.

Each piece of our batik is unique with hand-drawn, printing method. The design is variety and not fixed and. The colors are vibrant and the artworks are artistic. Not only can used as a scarf, but also an amice

Material: 100%cotton
Packing: PP or according to your design
MOQ: 100 PCS mixed
Firstly, rinse and clean the cloth, and then delineate the ground pattern, secondly, use a specially designed bronze called "wax knife", dipping it into the melting wax, stipple on the patterns; thirdly, placed it in dyeing tank; and finally boiled over, so that wax out; Put the dyed and the wax fabric in clean water and wash it repeat, and the sealed pattern will be gradually emerged.