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Reading Pen - My Reader Talkin...

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REF. QUOTE: Hon190326-1
Last Updated: 06.04.10
Hongen Education & Technology Co., Ltd.

My Reader is the premier next generation state-of-the-art language learning tool, using Hongen's advanced Touch & Talk technology. By pointing the pen to text and objects on specially printed material, users can listen to an endless variety of pre-recorded soundsfrom word pronunciations to dialogues, or song clips to catchy tunes. My Reader offers a fully interactive learning experience, enabling kids to study anytime and anywhere, making language learning fun and easy! It is the brand-new product of the Touch & Talk pen Series targeting at children.




Accessories: 2GB audio cartridge, 110~240V charger


Recharging: After every recharge of 1 hour, the pen can be used continuously for more than 2 hours.



Product figures:

Compact, portable, easy to use, instant Touch & Talk enabled

No more searching or rewinding of CDs and cassettes

Listen, repeat and compare

Multiple audio-enabled books to choose

USB cable for charging

controlling volume and earphone port