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Pillow and Cushion

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Last Updated: 03.03.10
Guangzhou I'am Flying IndustrialCo.,Ltd

They are well stitched with quality materials, the covering usually
adopts the high elastic fabric, that the spandex is 15% and the nylon
is 85%.You may squeeze it, squash it, cuddle it as will as you like.100%
Expanded Polystyrene Beads are filled in the cushions, which made the
cushions soft enough to use as pillows or dolls. We adopt the eatable grade
EPS,so you shouldn't worry about them, they are safe for your health.
And the EPS have good breathability that can't suffocate anybody,
even the children. If your skin is allergic, they wouldn't hurt you.For
the EPS are elastic and with stable form, after a long time use you
may feel the form of the cushion won't change very much. So please take
it easy to use the cushion.