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Weighing Indicator With Printer

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REF. QUOTE: Loc190523-1
Last Updated: 01.25.10
Locosc Ningbo Precision Technology Co.,Ltd

Product Description
LP7512 Weighing indicator
LED / LCD 6-digits, 0.8", plus 13 status indicator.
Key: 7 double function, flexible membrane.
Housing: S.S., polished & brushed, IP65.
Mounting: desk-top, wall, column, adjustable angle.
Functions: Zero, gross, net, accumulating, printing.Counting, classifying, check weighing, animal-scale.Toggle operation: kg/lb, 10 times higher resolution.
Power: 110/220VAC(-15%~+10%),50/60Hz.
Accuracy: 6000e, max:30000d; resolution0.3μV/e.
Supply: 5VDC, short-circuit proof. Min. 75ohm.
A / D: 24 bits of delta-sigma converter, 100 times/s.
Input signal: -36mV~+36mV ( zero and span ).
Options: Internal rechargeable battery or internal printer.RS232/RS485 serial interface for