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mini washing mahcine

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Last Updated: 01.06.10
Qingdao Healther Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd

Mini washing machine
Product introduction
1. Using active oxygen to wash, washing efficiency same as traditional washing machine
2. Active oxygen is an world’s recognized disinfectant with efficient and rapid feature, bactericidal rate as high as 99.9%, and distributed out of reactive oxygen can kill bacteria in room air,keep air clean.
3. Active oxygen take form air,disappear in air,discharged water after washing do not contain residues of chemicals , and do not pollute the environment.
4. Do not need detergent(or a few); to avoid invade for hunman body from use of detergent chemical residues substances
5. Pregnant woman’s underwear washed by disinfectant washing machine can protect fetus from bacterial infection, To ensure the healthy growth of children
6. Baby clothes washed and disinfected by disinfectant washing machine, Can effectively protect the health of baby's skin
7. White-collar lady’s underwear washed and disinfected by disinfectant washing machine , effective prevention and treatment gynecopathy
8. Old people’s underwear washed and disinfected by disinfectant washing machine, prevention of skin diseases
9. It is fit for the smelly feet people wash socks , can eliminate the bad smell,prevention beriberi
Suit crowds
Nurseling,pupil ,pregnant woman,old people,white-collar, athlete
product features
1. Active oxygen’s bubble diversion technology
2. Waterfall current technology
3. Control by timmer,easy to operate
4. transparent view window
5. Fashion and beautiful
6. Clothing disinfection
7. Saving water and power
Washing capacity0.6kg
Net Weight7kg

Mini disinfection washing machine