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Last Updated: 02.15.12
Riching Co.,Ltd

We are a professional sticky silicon products manufactuer, we keep developing and improving sticky silicon material and the products made of it.

Different to the plastic(PU,PVC) or imitative silicon(normally called silicon Gel) material, our sticky silicon characteristic is:

1.Does not including any adhesive ingredient ; (some plastic pad add glue in the material)

2.Can be sticked on any plane surface without any chemical reaction with the surfaces; (plastic padwill react with the surface it sticked on)

3.No mark will be left on the surface When peel it off ;

4.Tempreture tolarance is between -50~200centigrade ;(plastic pad will melt when the temperatuer is about 80centigrade ,and the pad will change color to yellow even in normal temperatuer )

5.Can be washed repeatly and keep the original adhesive power ;

6.Nontoxic, recyclable, enviromental protection,safe for usage; (plastic pad can not resolved)

7.Can be cutted freely.

It's easy to distinguish the antislip pad material by burning it. The silicon can be burn to ash and the smoke is white, others material can not be resolved to ash and the smoke is black,please check the photo on our website: ,you can find the "Advantage" button on the webist.
Our sticky silicon antislip pad can be used widly ,it can be used in office,in bathroom, at home. We can develop many products made of it or used parts made of it for you ,your design or idea welcome,OEM welcome.
Our sticky silicon pad has 8 size available products and they all have large logo printing space.
Can be a good choice for promotion gift.
More information or update ,please visit our webist : , welcome to contact us for detail ,our email address : or .

We supply best price, best quality and best services .