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  1. Protecting intellectual property is one of the highest priorities of, and we will do everything in our power to keep products that infringe on intellectual property rights from being posted. Unfortunately, due to sheer volume of product postings and the number of products on the market, and the fact that intellectual property law differs from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, it is impossible for us to completely guarantee the sanctity of intellectual property on

    However, because this matter is so important to us, will speedily and permanently remove any posting that it determines may violate intellectual property rights. Also, we offer the following procedure for recourse against alleged intellectual property infringement:
      1. If you feel that a product listed on our site infringes on your, or anyone else’s, intellectual property rights, please submit a formal complaint by mail to: Barakkuda Co. Ltd., 8/F, Parkview Comm'l Bldg, 9-11 Shelter Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Please provide the supplier’s name, the product name and listing number,  and any other information that may help us find the listing or information about the product that it may be illegally duplicating.
      2. will inform you in writing of receipt of your letter, and will inform, also in writing, the supplier in question that a product of theirs is under scrutiny for infringement of intellectual property.
      3. After reviewing your claim, will either remove the posting in question and inform the supplier in question that the posting has been removed, or, if we find no cause for removal, inform you in writing that we have found no evidence of infringement.
      4. If the posting is removed and the supplier objects to its removal, they may also file a counter-claim with us and we may repost the item. In this case, the posting will remain on our site until the supplier removes it, or until we are informed by you or by a court that legal action has been taken against the supplier. In this case, we will remove the posting again until the situation is resolved.

Disclaimer: is not liable and shall in no way be held responsible for the listing of items that infringe on intellectual property right. We will always act in good faith and comply with the courts, which may result in the sharing of personal information of our users if required.

If decides to take down a product posting after a complaint is filed about it, this is only a measure to protect from potential legal action and does not constitute an implicit or explicit endorsement of the claim. In all cases of intellectual property rights violations, will remain neutral.